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  • AccDBMan - MS Access Database Manager  v.2.11Access Database Manager (AccDBMan) is an application designed to help you with Manage Microsoft Access Database files (like MDB or MDE) without having the full version of Microsoft Access installed.
  • SQLite3 database manager  v.5.22SQLite3 database manager. Development tool for managing all database objects. SQL ...
  • SQLite3 database manager Lite  v.3.2SQLite3 database manager Lite 3.2 is a full featured and advanced tool which can manage all SQLite3 database objects.Win32 application to manage SQLite3 database. Development tool for managing all SQLite3 database objects (tables, views, indexes, ...
  • Teratrax Database Manager for SQL Server  v.4.6Teratrax Database Manager for SQL Server 4.6 brings you a convenient software which allows you to manage MSDE and SQL server database objects. Teratrax Database Manager for SQL Server manage SQL Server and MSDE more efficiently with Intellisense IDE.
  • Sesame Database Manager  v.2.1Sesame Database Manager 2.1 is a versatile tool which enables you to design custom database applications for your business information. Features such as centralized application design facilities, a consistent form-based interface, intuitive ...
  • NativeWinds Database Manager  v.1.1.5NativeWinds Database Manager allows you to create databases to keep track of all your vital information, address lists, phone numbers, images, RTF and TMD files, contacts lists, etc. You can create complex reports, labels, and personalized letters.
  • Slam Database Manager  v.1.05Compact custom database manager ...
  • Datawasp Database Manager  v.2.0A very-easy-to-use, networked, database manager. For when a regular database is too much trouble and spreadsheet is not up to the job. All the power of a regular database but presented in the style of a spreadsheet.Little or no training is required ...
  • Kiosk Database Manager  v.0.92A light weight MySQL database manager. Supports table creation, database management, ...
  • Rockbox Database Manager  v.1.0Rockbox Database Manager is a program designed to manipulate and examine the rockbox database. It is intended to add several features to the rockbox database that the rockbox firmware does not currently ...
  • Hypatia library database manager  v.1.0The Hypatia library database manager is a web-based, multilingual library catalog database system, adaptible for cataloging both physical and digital resources. This project is in the alpha stage of development.
  • Paraguayan DataBase Manager  v.1.0PDBM is a DBM like project. A Database manager, with Pager Locking system that allow simultaneous writers and readers.
  • Aodbm - Append Only Database Manager  v.1.0An append only database manager in the style of dbm. It has both a C and a Python interface and is ACID compliant. Internally it uses an immutable B+ Tree. (Being append only doesn't mean that you can't replace records or delete keys).
  • Zen Database Manager  v.1.0Offline product/database manager for ZenCart e-commerce software. This project aims to create a PHP addon for ZenCart that will export and import its database in XML format. This data will be managed thought a Windows C# application.
  • Sqlite Database Manager  v.1.0Sqlite Database Manager by Scott Wickham. This tool allows you to quickly create and update Sqlite 2.0 databases that are built into PHP5 using a simple web based front end. The program is only 9kb zipped, and it will save you many hours of coding time.
  • Avenue Embedded Database Manager  v.1.0Avenue DBM is a cross platform, wxPython-based embedded database manager, allowing users to create and manage SQLite and BerkeleyDB databases. Support for exporting to multiple formats and migrating to new versions of supported databases.
  • Dolo Database Manager  v.1.0Dolo Database Manager is an MySQL data administration tool, but targeted non-technical users, so that it can be used in an end-user frontend. It basically provides a tree with tables and a grid for editing data. Built with PHP, Dojo Toolkit, AJAX.
  • MaNGOS Database Manager  v.1.0MaNGOS Database Manager is an application written in Visual Basic .NET for the Massive Network GameObject Server Database which helps to view and manipulate data which is pulled from the MaNGOS database structure.
  • Red Database Manager  v.1.0Red Database Manager is a tool for managing databases of Red Database or Firebird SQL servers. It's like IB Expert. It's based on FenixSql source code but used UIB components to connect to database.
  • Universal Database Manager  v.1.0Universal Database Manager can be used to view, midify, delete or add database objects from a simple and intuitive interface. You can also export data. It has a nice drag-and-drop SQL editor ...
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